So often we forget that pregnant mothers need just as much attention to their muscles if not more so.  Their bodies are going through many physical changes to acclimate the carrying and nurturing of their unborn child.  Also, as the pregnancy progresses, the mothers tend to gain weight that throws off their posture and balance.   This often leads to aching backs, hips, and legs.  Here are a few benefits that massage therapy can offer the mother-to-be:

*  Relieves muscle and joint pain from carrying extra weight
*  Increases flexibility, making it easier for the mother's body to adjust to additional weight and to help prepare the body for the birth process
*  Eases gas, heartburn, and constipation
*  Decreases fluid retention
*  Decreases susceptibility of varicose veins
*  Relieves emotional and physical tension to aid sleep
*  Increases energy

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