Many Massage Therapy centers do not offer chair massages with their services, and most would never dream of doing "office calls!"  At Ease Massage Therapy would love to bring massage therapy to YOUR office!


No Hassle!
All we need is a private office or break room to place the massage chair.  No disrobing is required and since clients are fully clothed, no oils are used.  Clients can enjoy the soothing sounds of birds singing, accoustical guitars strumming, and flutes playing from the CD player provided for your relaxation.  Drift away and let the massage therapist work your tight neck, sore back, and stressed shoulders.
Office workers suffer several aches and pains from sitting at a desk and computer all day.  Headaches, aching backs, and fatigued shoulders are common.  A short massage in this massage chair can be the cure.  You will be rejuvenated from increased circulation which massage produces.  Working the muscles of the neck and back will help to push out the lactic acid that causes sore, burning sensations.  Massage allows fresh blood and oxygen to flow into your deprived muscles.  Thoroughly massaging the arms and hands can relax the nerves and blood flow which reduces problems associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.  You will become a better version of yourself and will work more productively without the pain!

At Ease Massage Therapy offers on-site chair massage at the lowest rates in central Alabama!  A company could easily incorporate massage therapy into their health plan for their employees.  Or employees could get together and have several sessions for themselves by dividing the costs.  Either way, the benefits to the employees AND the company far outweigh the price!

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